I'm a Fashion blogger from California. I grew up in Mexico until I was 20. I'm currently studying Business Administration in CSUF. I've always loved fashion and dressing up, so I've decided to start my blog just for fun and to help other people with my ideas. I would define my fashion sense as a little of everything. I love to try new things and wear different styles all the time.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

No pos wow!

Happy Tuesday my beautiful readers!

Like many of you know my style is a combination of casual  and boho chic! I feel so comfortable when I wear simple and comfy clothes adding a touch of something fun. This outfit is exactly my style. The "No pos wow" T-shirt from l.a.chica is so fun and I love the simplicy of the tee. I paired it with my favorite denim jeans, black heels and my burgundy hat to complete the look.

What style are you? What type of clothes makes you feel comfortable and chic?

 Outfit Details: No pos wow tee from l.a.chica (Shop HERE) / Denim jeans from swapmeet / Heels from Forever 21 / Hat from ShopModernbloom


Favour N said...

Love the shoe and hat!

check out my blog --> nkyruka.com

Favour N said...

Love the shoe and hat!

check out my blog --> nkyruka.com

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