Happy Friday my loves, 

Last week I had the pleasure to meet the beautiful Ximena Cordoba in her event in Macy's. She is the new face of the jeans "Body Sculp" by Celebrity Pink. 
I have the opportunity to see the jeans and let me tell you that they look amazing. I asked a few questions to Ximena and what I cal tell you is that she is really excited to be part of this campaign. She is the second hispanic woman after Thalia to represent a clothing collection in Macy's.
There are 3 styles of jeans: The lifter, slimmer and shaper. These 3 styles are for every woman's body type and everybody can look amazing in them. 
I asked Ximena which one was her favorite and she told me the lifter or how she said "Levanta cola" 
While deciding which jean is perfect for you, she suggested to try them all and then decide which one you feel is for your body type. They have different colors and designs where to choose from.
Hope that you like this post and if you want to check out the jeans the direct link is (HERE
You can also find the jeans at Macy's

Special thanks to Ximena Cordoba and her team for all their attentions and help. 

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