And I'm back with another wedding post. I'm so happy that you like to hear about my wedding preparations. It's so fun and stressful at times but I wouldn't have it other way. For this post, I want to share about what I will be giving my bridesmaids on my wedding day. I wanted to give them something that they can use and remember about our special day. I've been looking for websites 
or stores where I can get bridesmaids boxes and I'm glad that I found David's Bridal bridesmaid section.

David's Bridal has an amazing selection of gifts that you can get and customized for your box. From robes and cosmetic bags to jewelry and totes, the options are endless. You can also select from different types of colors, fonts, monogram styles, etc.

For my bridesmaids box I decided to get the satin robe with their embroidery names on the back, the mini-emergency kit for bridesmaids and the stemless champagne glasses with their initials. What I love the most about these gifts is that you can personalized them so everybody is going to have a very special box made for them. I'm super excited to give this box to my bridesmaids and I cannot wait for my wedding next month.

For those of you that don't know David's Bridal, first of all where do you guys live? lol jk. David's Bridal has been around for more than 60 years and they have over 300 locations in the US, Canada and UK. They they also have an extended selection of items available online which is from where I found the gifts for my bridesmaids. Click HERE to see bridesmaids gifts.

Get the personalized satin robe HERE
Get the Mini Emergency kit HERE
Get the Stemless Champagne Glass HERE

 To get the personalized gift box click HERE

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