First post of the year! I missed writing blog posts so much. I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past months but I've been focusing on family time. For my first blog post of the year, I want to share with you one of most amazing experiences my husband and I had staying at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my birthday. 

Why we choose Pueblo Bonito Pacifica?

Well, if you've seen my previous blog posts, you will see that I stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose with my friends for my bachelorette. We had the most amazing time at the resort (Review HERE), and I knew that I had to take my husband to Cabo to experience it as well. This time, we stayed at the luxury Pueblo Bonito location: Pacifica. Pacifica is located just 6 km from the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and close to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset and Montecristo luxury villas.

Since our arrival the staff treated us so good, we got margaritas while we waited to do our check-in and we were transferred to the VIP room, where all the people who have a room in the towers have access to. While we waited for our room to be ready, we were introduced to our buttler. His name was Leopoldo and he explained all the hotel facilities, amenities and all the services that he was going to do for us. He said that we didn't have to worry about anything since he was there to help us make restaurant reservations, call taxis/shuttles and basically plan our whole stay there. I don't even know  how we are going to be able to go to any hotel anymore if we don't have a buttler with us.

After we talked with our buttler, we got to our room (Room tour on instastories) where we had a bottle of champagne and a happy birthday desert! It was so cute and our view was amazing as well! More pictures here:

We were so tired from all the traveling that day that we decided to only go see the sunset which was so beautiful and then we went to eat dinner at Siempre which is one of the restaurants inside the hotel include in the All-inclusive package.

Next day, our buttler recommended to go to The Market in Pueblo Bonito Sunset which was next to our hotel. Leopoldo got us the shuttle and took us to The Market. The Market has lots of restaurants inside to all tastes and we obviously went to the Mexican restaurant where I tried the Jicama Tacos with Shrimp. They were so delicious that I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I also bought some artisanal chocolates and went to the art installations by Ivan Guadarrama next to the Market. The art installation is interactive which is really fun. (More on my stories highlights)

Then we spent the rest of our day laying out on the sun beds. The ocean is not swimmable but that didn't stop us to eat, relax and enjoy the day at their amazing swimming pool.

To end our night our buttler made a reservation at Frida's restaurant which is located at Pueblo Bonito Sunset. He was so kind to go with us and take us to the restaurant to make sure that everything was good. We enjoyed a 5 course menu created for us by the chef and drank the most delicious drinks. If you go there I totally recommend to order the Mexican Coffee which is delicious and an experience since they do a show while they are making it. This restaurant was the highlight of our day. So good!

For our last full day at Pueblo Bonito, we decided to spent it at the beach on the sun beds. It's so relaxing being there just drinking delicious drinks while listening to the ocean waves. My husband actually had some work to do and we really enjoyed his time working from there while I was eating ceviche and tacos. If you're laying by the pool or beach, I recommend to order the shrimp ceviche and the Pacifica coconut. For our last night, we went to the bar to see the sunset and then went dinner to the restaurant Pacifica which was downstairs from our room. Pretty convenient and with good drinks.

In our last hours at the resort, we had brunch at the Siempre restaurant where they have a buffet all mornings and then we said good bye to our amazing buttler Leopoldo. There are lots of hotels in Cabo but one of my favorite things about this resort was the service. I've been in a lot of hotels around the world and the service here was exceptional. Everybody was always with a smile and ready to help you with everything that you need. Also, Leopoldo our buttler was amazing. We always joke with my husband that we need someone to help us here in California like he did in Pueblo Bonito.

Pueblo Bonito is an All-Inclusive resort, we never left the hotel in our whole stay which was amazing since we wanted to have a relax time without worrying about finding places to go. I'm so happy to share with you the code INSIDERPB which will give you the lowest rates available in any Pueblo Bonito resort, up to $150 in spa credit for Armonia Spa, no booking or modification fees and the choice to pay in full or one night's deposit. More details HERE.

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