Getting my hair festival ready with Pantene

by Vicky Penaloza, 2:41 PM

Festival season is here! This means Coachella festival is getting closer. This will be my 3rd year attending and I’m already getting everything ready to have the most amazing time. Aside from choosing the perfect outfit for the festival, one of the most important things is my hair. Festival season is the perfect opportunity to try out fun and different festival hairstyles. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with Pantene
to show you my go-to this festival season: the Pantene Festival Hair Kit – you can bet I’m adding this one to my bag of essentials for Coachella. The Festival Hair Kit is a portable haircare pack created to help you achieve radiant hair during long festival days! And as the official haircare sponsor of Coachella, Stagecoach and Firefly, Pantene knows about hair! 

So what’s in Pantene’s limited-edition Festival Hair Kit?!

For pre/during festival: 

Pantene’s Dry Shampoo- This is one of my favorites! Dry shampoo makes the process of doing any hairstyle so much easier. Just shake, spray and apply to your roots and your hair will look fresher and less oily. Most of the time, I’m running around between events and shows so this product is a life saver when I don’t have time to wash it. It will be a perfect "pick-me-up" for day two or three of the festival.

Pantene’s Airspray- Because it’s not festival season without any crazy and fun dos. Pantene’s alcohol-free, “brushable” hairspray keeps everything in place for hours – with a silky, controlled and light-weight finish. From braids to the super fun space buns, a hairspray is a must have during festival weekend.

Pantene’s On-The-Go Frizz Iron- This is one of the products that I will be incorporating into my hair routine this time, even after festival season. It’s like a traditional flat iron, but without the heat! You just remove the protective cover, close the Frizz Iron around your hair and glide it from top to ends. I suffer from frizzy hair and I cannot wait to keep this in my bag during the festival.

For post-festival use:

Pantene’s Intense Rescue Shots- Like many of you know, I burned my hair a couple months ago and I’ve been trying the Intense Rescue Shots to repair my hair. These are perfect to repair my hair from all the heat, damage and craziness after the festival. In the shower, after shampooing your hair, apply onto damp hair and massage from root to tip – be sure to focus on areas that see the most damage. Leave in for 30 seconds and rinse for 30 seconds – it’s that easy!

Pantene’s Nourishing Mask sachets - I love hair masks and to rock any hairstyle look during the festival, it’s very important to repair and nourish your hair after the festival. While in the shower, after shampooing, place a half dollar amount and apply it to the hair from mid-shaft to the ends – leave it on for 5-7 minutes (or longer if desired), be sure to rinse thoroughly after! 

Having a good hair routine will help you make your hair shiny and healthy. Remember the first step to rock any hair style is to have healthy hair.

Get your Pantene Festival Hair Kit, conveniently delivered to your doorstep on Amazon. It’s even available on Prime Shipping!

Finally, don’t forget to bring accessories to complete your look. Remember to have so much fun but don’t forget to take care of your hair during this festival season and after the festival.

This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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