Bye 2020

by Vicky Penaloza, 1:08 PM

 I think I've never been happier to say bye to a year than this 2020. It was brutal! I think this year taught us a great lesson and that is patience. In all my 34 years, I've never seen anything like this. At first, I thought ok this quarantine is only going to be for a month and then months and months passed and we're back to staying at home. I did everything: I tried to be active, work on more content, learn to cook all the trendy recipes of Instagram, zoom parties, video calls, and even though I was trying to have the best positive attitude, that didn't help my state of mind.  My anxiety came back

Traveling to Tulum during Covid

by Vicky Penaloza, 4:30 PM


First of all, I want to start this blog post by saying that I'm not encouraging anybody to travel during this time, I'm just sharing the experience of my trip. Everybody knows their personal situation and if you're planning to go please be respectful of other people and wear your mask, take care of yourself, and get tested before you go.

The story about why we went to Mexico is personal and I won't share details but we had to go on an emergency trip to Cuernavaca. Since we were already there, we decided to go to Tulum for a few days. Our experience in Cuernavaca was really good and I was really impressed that everybody was following health rules and that all the places had sanitizing stations and temperature checks. Even to enter the mall you have to do this before you enter, which was something new for me since malls here are not doing that.

Since we felt pretty safe in Cuerna, we decided to travel to Tulum for a few days. Here's our experience traveling to Tulum during the pandemic:

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

by Vicky Penaloza, 5:05 PM

 Hola! Hope you're staying safe and healthy. This year has been really crazy but I want to continue to stay positive and pray for a better time soon. Are you ready for the holidays? Even though it seems like this holiday season is going to be different, let's keep the same spirit as in previous years.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I usually get all my Christmas presents at the stores, but this year I'm going to do all my shopping online. It's honestly super easy and you don't have to be in contact with people, wait long lines or even drive to the stores to get your gifts.

Since I've been looking at deals on my favorite items, I decided to do my first Holiday Gift Guide here. I usually do these guides on Instagram but I think it would be better to have it permanent here :) 

All the items that I'm going to share here, I have them already and they are my favorite and some of them are on my wish list. Hope you like my suggestions. Happy Shopping babes!

Less than $50

This post is sponsored by L'Oreal Paris and all opinions are my own.

Hi loves!

I hope that you've been safe and healthy this quarantine season. These times have stopped us from doing the things that we love but let's continue wearing our masks and social distancing every time we can. Better times are coming <3

All this quiet time at home has made me think about how much I miss traveling. I can't believe that

Easy spicy Watermelon Margarita recipe

by Vicky Penaloza, 11:52 AM

This was a post that I never posted from a year ago and I think is a perfect recipe to do during this quarantine time. Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago I shared on my stories the margaritas that I did for a pool date with my husband. Since many of you asked me if I can share the recipe,