My top 4 lipsticks this summer

by Vicky Penaloza, 11:41 AM

Happy Thursday!

Even though I'm melting from the intense heat right now, I'm wearing my favorite pink lipstick. You might think I'm crazy but one of the most important accessories-- in any season and outfit--
is the lipstick. I used to wear all these crazy colors years back but as I've gotten older I've switched to more simple colors.  Summer season is the perfect time to wear colorful and fun colors; that's why I decided to show you my favorite 4 lipstick colors this summer:

 1.- Orange

 I think orange screams summer unlike any other color. That's why I've been wearing it a lot this summer. I wear a lot of denim and the orange lipstick is the perfect pop of color for my outfit. 

I'm wearing the color Mai Tai from Gerard Cosmetics (Shop HERE)

2.- Pink

Pink is always a must during summer. I wear pink lipsticks all the time. In this case, I'm wearing a dark pink that gives me the perfect touch to my black and white outfit.

I'm wearing WSM from Urban Decay (Shop HERE)

3.- Dark Brown Matte
I'm a big fan of brown lipsticks and this matte is not the exception. I just love that it's very simple but sexy at the same time. Many people wear browns on fall but I think it looks so pretty in summer as well. What do you think?

I'm wearing color Invasion from the Hydra-Matte lipstick collection from Gerard Cosmetics. (Shop HERE)

 4.- Nude Pink    

Finally, my favorite color: Nude pink. It looks very natural and I love to wear it when I have a busy day and I don't have time to touch up my makeup often. It's very classy and if you don't like to wear colorful lipsticks, this is the perfect one for you.

I'm wearing shade Guava from Clarins (Shop HERE)
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