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Can you believe that it's almost December? This means that a lot of party celebrations are coming soon. December is one of my favorite months of the year because is when I spend more time with family and friends and it's also the time when you can dress up even if you go to a house party. That's why I'm teaming up again with my loves from The Shops of Mission Viejo to show this holiday look inspo.

I've been talking about The Shops at Mission Viejo all this year and the reason is

And I'm back with another wedding post. I'm so happy that you like to hear about my wedding preparations. It's so fun and stressful at times but I wouldn't have it other way. For this post, I want to share about what I will be giving my bridesmaids on my wedding day. I wanted to give them something that they can use and remember about our special day. I've been looking for websites 

Alegria Festival with Buick

by Vicky Penaloza, 12:42 AM

I'm happy to be back with another travel post. Last month I had the opportunity to go to the Alegria Festival in Palm Springs with Buick and it was so fun. You already know that Palm Springs is one of my favorite cities to visit specially during summer and thanks to the Buick Enclave Avenir our drive there was comfortable, stylish and super luxurious! Even though we went there for only 2 days, I brought so many things because I had to shoot some projects and the Enclave Avenir fit all my stuff perfectly. I usually drive smaller cars so it was a real treat to drive a Buick this size with so many cool features.

 The Enclave Avenir car is so spacious and perfect for road trips. It has a third row seating with a power feature that allows the seat to be conveniently folded or raised up from a folded position. One of my favorite features of this car was the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot as it's important for me to always be connected. Another nice feature is the headed driver and front passenger seats, separate buttons on the control panel allows you to choose from 3 levels of warmth, which is important since fall is upon us! My boyfriend's favorite features was the surround vision and the SiriusXM radio trial. The surround vision allowed me to have a “birds eye” view of the scene and avoid nearby objects during low-speed maneuvering, which made parking a breeze! The Enclave Avenir is the perfect car for any road trip with friends or family and I’m so ready for another road trip in a Buick!

If you want to read more about the Buick Enclave Avenir features click HERE.

Now lets talk about the festival. The Alegria Festival was created by boss babe Davina Ferreira with the purpose of inspire and connect creative influencers and entrepreneurs. Like all the Alegria Magazine events, this event was full of positivity, music and a lot of Alegria :D There were also inspiring panels, Yoga, wellness classes and art activities.  What I loved the most about this festival is that everybody was very positive and friendly. It also left me feeling super inspired by all the amazing ladies there.

The Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs was perfect for this event. It's super colorful and fun just like the Alegria Magazine. This was my first time staying here and I enjoyed so much. I hope to be back soon.

Finally, I want to thank you Buick for letting me drive the Buick Enclave Avenir. If you want to know more details about this car click the link here-----------------------> Buick Enclave Avenir.

Fall is here!

by Vicky Penaloza, 11:41 PM
This post is sponsored by Zappos
Hi Babes!

Fall is here and it's the perfect excuse to wear my new Clarks boots from Zappos! You've see me wearing all types of boot colors but this is my first time getting the tan color. This color is super pretty and I'm looking forward to wearing these boots more this fall. Since California fall weather is crazy, I'm wearing my boots with a dress and sweater. Let me know what you guys think of this look.
Now let's talk about my Zappos experience!
I've talked in the past about my experience with Zappos and let me tell you that their shipping is the best one out there. I ordered my shoes on Wednesday and I received them on Friday. I was really shocked how fast is the shipping service. Another benefit is that the customer service is really helpful, I got an email after I received the boots to see how fit was. This is one of my favorite online websites because it's super easy to navigate and I don't have to stress about receiving my orders late. They have a 365 days return policy which is amazing. I've never returned anything with them but it's good to know that they have more than the regular 30 days to return an item.  Here's the link if you want to check out their website and see all the variety of styles that they have: CLICK HERE

Let me know if you have used Zappos and your experiences with them.

You can get my Clarks boots HERE.

Fall outfit inspo with Shops at Mission Viejo

by Vicky Penaloza, 12:11 PM
Happy Monday babes!

It's Monday and I'm back with another blog post. Since fall is coming up very soon, I decided to show you how you can start transitioning from summer to fall clothing in collaboration with Shops at Mission Viejo. Like many of you know, I'm one of their ambassadors this year and I've been having so much fun shopping at the mall. For this post, I want to include one of my favorite stores from the mall: Zara.  They have good quality clothes and their prices are pretty decent. There are a few Zara stores in California and I'm so glad that the Shops at Mission Viejo has one.

Now let's talk about fashion! California weather is pretty crazy right now and my outfit is a great example of that. Last week I asked you to help me choose a fall outfit and you guys loved this dress from Zara. One item that is a must all year is a good dress. You can wear it in so many different ways depending of the accessories that you add to it.  In this case I decided to wear it with a pair of ankle boots and bakery hat because nothing screams fall like a good fashionable hat.

A bakery hat is a must in your closet! I found this one in Zara and you definitively will see me wearing it during all season.

Finally, I love to wear dark lips during fall. It gives you the final touch to any look. I went to the Mac store in Mission Viejo and I found a lot of dark mini lipsticks for $10.

Hope you like this post and let me know if you have another fall must have. I want to thank the Shops at Mission Viejo for always helping me find what I need.

If you want to check out all the stores that Shops at Mission Viejo has. Click the link HERE.

Trying on wedding dresses with Watters

by Vicky Penaloza, 11:31 AM
Happy Tuesday babes!

I'm back with another exciting wedding update: my dress. Many of you saw a couple months ago my wedding dress fitting with Watters and how obsessed I was with all the dresses. Many of you asked me more details about my dress and if I could share more about my experience with them. Well, the good news is that I already picked a dress with Watters and I'm in love with it so much.  It's so perfect and I wish I can show you the dress now but you will have to wait until November ;)  My obsession with all the Watters dresses made me create this blog post for you with 3 of my favorite dresses from their current collections. They have dresses for all occasions, preferences and likes.

Adelaide Dress

This dress is from the Willowby Folklore Fall 2018 collection. This collection is inspired by the merging of the cultures and traditions around the world. I decided to try on this dress because it has the bohemian vibe that I was looking for my wedding. I'm a very simple person and this dress has the right amount of details and edginess that I need it.

Get this dress HERE


This dress is a showstopper! At first, I didn't want to try on something like this because I thought it didn't look good on my body but I was so wrong. This dress made me feel super pretty, feminine and sexy. The details on the back are amazing and that's why it was one of my favorite options from the Watter Âme Soeur 2018 collection. One advice for all the brides to be it's to try on all types of dresses, even the ones that you don't think would look good on you, you will be surprised to see how beautiful those dresses would look on you too ;)

Get this dress HERE.


 This dress is super fun and the best part that is that you can wear it in more than one occasion. Aside from wanting a pretty dress, one of the most important things for me is to feel comfortable. This dress makes me feel very comfortable and ready to party all night. This dress is part of the Wtoo At first Sight Collection. This collection was inspired from the moment the groom sees his bride for the very first time. I really love the meaning behind this collection and it makes me feel excited for my wedding.

Link to this dress HERE

I chose 3 different style of dresses for this post because I wanted to show you all the different options that Watters carry on their website.  One of the main things that make me choose my wedding dress with them was that they are not the typical wedding dress. They actually have different colors, styles, designs that are very unique and it does not feel like a traditional wedding dress. I wish I could show you a sneak peek of my wedding dress, but what I can tell you is that it's the dress on my dreams and I just cant wait to wear it on my wedding and marry the love of life.

Find a Watters retailer near you HERE

More Watters wedding dresses HERE

Hello babes!

I'm finally back after a super fun day in Cabo. Like many of you know, I decided to go to Cabo to celebrate my bachelorette and it was amazing. It was my first time there and let me tell you that I fell in love with everything there, thats why I decided to do a post about it to tell you more about my experience.

First of all, we stayed at Pueblo Bonito. I found Pueblo Bonito Rose on Instagram and I knew that I had to stay there. The hotel is pink with lots of palm trees that make it look so girly and beautiful. It was the perfect place to celebrate my bachelorette. Here's a picture of the hotel so you can have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Another of my favorite things was the all inclusive part. We got a luxury suite for the 6 of us and we saved a lot of money taking advantage of the all inclusive. Pueblo Bonito has 2 more hotels: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos which is next door and the all inclusive covers those hotels as well. The food and beverages were amazing and the restaurants with the all inclusive part were delicious.

We stayed most of the time in these hotels for the convenience and because we really didn't have to go to other places since almost everything we needed was there. But, here are some of the extras activities that we did while we stayed there:

Dinner at El Farallon

The first night we decided to have dinner in one of the prettiest restaurants of the area: El Farallon. We had an amazing time there and the food was out of this world. We had an amazing view of the pacific ocean and we even saw jumping stingrays (One of my highlights of this trip). Since many of you asked me about this restaurant, I recommend you to order lobster as an entree and drink guava Margaritas.

Camel Riding
When I was looking for things to do in Cabo. I found the camel riding and I instantly knew that I had to do it. Pueblo Bonito concierge was so helpful and helped us book our activity with Cabo Adventures. This was another highlight of my trip since I've never seen a camel in my life and I didn't know they were so cute and love to meet people. We rode the camels for 30 minutes through the beach and it was so fun. It's an activity that you have to do there, just keep in mind that is a little expensive.

Boat Afternoon
Another activity that all my bridesmaids and I wanted to do was rent a boat to go to the famous Arch and the Love and Divorce beach. Since they were 6 of us it was easy to find a cute affordable boat for us. We bought some champagne and we cruised through the beautiful pacific ocean. Even though we couldn't see the sunset, the pastel candy sky was everything that day.

Night Life
Of course we have to do something at night ;) We went to Mandala club on Saturday and the music was really good. Since I'm from Mexico it was good to see that they still play some of my favorite music there. Another club/bar that we went was El Squid Roe which was so fun. These places are for you if you want to dance and party all night.

I hope that you like this post and it helps you to decide what things to do if you go to Cabo. Aside from all the activities Cabo is a really beautiful place and I love that is a desert with beach. The beaches look so clean and the sand has the prettiest color that makes this location very different from all the beaches that I've visited in Mexico.

I want to thank Pueblo Bonito Rose for the amazing stay. For booking and info about this beautiful hotel go to the link HERE.

Let the festivities begin!

by Vicky Penaloza, 12:39 AM

I can't believe that the wedding is getting closer. That means many events are happening soon. With my bachelorette and bridal shower approaching, it was the perfect time to partner with David's Bridal to show you an affordable option to wear to any dinner and festivities surrounding your wedding. Many of you know David's Bridal as a place of wedding gowns or bridesmaids gowns but they carry a lot of casual options as well. What I love the most about their casual dresses is that they are very comfy, classy and feminine. Even if you're not planning your wedding, they are the perfect outfit to wear at a party. I'm definitely planning to wear this dress to more events. For all of you asking about my wedding preparations, we've been really busy choosing flowers arrangements and music. We are really happy with everything we had picked so far and we are planning to go to Mexico to see how is everything going over there. I will do an update with more details soon.

If you want to check David's Bridal collection click HERE.

Click HERE to get my dress.

My accessories and shoes are from David's Bridal too and you can get them HERE and HERE.

Night skincare routine with Neutrogena

by Vicky Penaloza, 12:37 PM

Little by little I'm starting to learn the importance of a skincare routine. To be honest I wasn't regularly using  any products on my face until I turned 30 and I started to notice that my skin wasn't the same as before. I've tried lots of skin care products but some of the ones that I always continue using are from Neutrogena. Two of my favorites are the Neutrogena Triple Age Repair Night Mousterizer and the Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector. Both have worked wonders on my skin and they've helped me get a radiant glow and wrinkle free skin. 
I'm always on the go and exposure to the sun is making me have a few dark spots on my face and the Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector has help me with those bad spots.

Having a clear, young looking and beautiful skin is very important, not only for appearance, but also for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the steps that I follow every night with these amazing products:

  • First don't forget to remove all your makeup. I've been a big fan of Neutrogena makeup removers for years and they are the best ones out there.
  • Wash your face, I always wash it to hydrate my skin, dry your skin with a towel and apply the the Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector. Massage gently and make sure to focus on uneven tones and dark spots. 
  • Finally apply the Triple Age Repair Night Moisturizer and massage evenly over face and neck.

For better results don't forget to do this every night and you will start noticing the big difference in your skin.

Click HERE to get the products :)

Thanks Neutrogena for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.