Happy Friday!!

by Vicky Penaloza, 9:51 AM
Friday is my favorite day of the week. First of all, because that means no work or school and second because I love to go out on the weekends and do fun activities with my boyfriend and my friends. This weekend I don't have any plans yet but I hope on doing something fun and interesting ;)
Today is the last day of February, I am kind of excited because that means that spring is getting closer but I am also worried that the year is passing by so fast. 
Let's talk about this look. To be honest, I forgot the clothes that I was suppose to take pictures in, so my best friend and I decided to find whatever I had in my car and this is what we found haha. It turned out to be a really cute and fascinating outfit. The pants are from H&M, shoes, shirt, and purse are from Forever 21. The blue blazer I don't remember where I got it from because I bought it so long ago. I hope that you like this outfit and if you have any suggestions or question please let me know.

My first 1000 followers on Instagram!

by Vicky Penaloza, 8:30 PM

Happy Tuesday everybody!!!
First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much because I recently hit my first 1000 followers on Instagram. I am so happy with all the love and support from all of you. When I first started this blog and instagram page I was scared because this was something new for me and not everybody was supporting me with this crazy idea of creating my fashion blog.To be honest I am not a fashion expert and I don't claim to be one but I love to dress up and be fashionable. I've always loved to help anyone with their outfits and how to combine clothes. I am only doing what I love and what I know naturally; to create fun and stylish outfits. I am doing my best to learn more each day to have a more professional and informative blog. If you think that I should change or do something different please let me know I am open to suggestions.
I am planing big things for this blog and I only can do this with your support. Hope that you continue following me through this adventure.

Thank you muah <3
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Outfit Details 
Leather Jacket from Foreign Exchange
Crop top, shoes and shirk from Forever 21
Accessories H&M
Purse from Mango

Happy Wednesday!

by Vicky Penaloza, 7:50 PM
 Hi my loves! Hope you are having an amazing week. It's been a relaxing week for me because I don't have a lot of school assignments like the previous weeks, so I feel relieved for this week. Today I want to talk about this risky outfit that I'm wearing. I said risky because I know many of you probably won't wear it. It's a combination of this fun leggings that I found at Forever 21 and to be honest I didn't like them at first but with time I'm loving them.It adds fun and a edgy look to the outfit. Most times I try these leggings with black or neutral colors but today I decided to use this cute crop top from Forever 21. The boots that probably you know that I love so much are from Foreign Exchange and the purse is also From Forever 21. The accessories are from Forever 21, ShopVice and a little store that I found in Mexico. I want to know what you think of this outfit and please let me know if you have any suggestion, requests or question. I'm just started blogging and I would love to know what do you think so far of this blog.

All black everything!

by Vicky Penaloza, 9:08 PM
Hi my beautiful followers!
First of all, I want to apologize for not putting any outfit the lasts few days but I had been so busy with school and work that I didn't have time to take any pictures. I promise to post more outfits next week.
This outfit is a combination of many patterns, leather, lace, gold and a little of red. I just thought that it would look good and that's why I decided to take pictures of this outfit.
Do you love it or hate it??

Outfit details
Leather pants from Luna Boutique
Boots from Foreign Exchange
Lace blouse and accesories from Forever 21

Good Morning Fashionistas!

by Vicky Penaloza, 8:17 AM
Today, I'm very excited about this outfit because it's one of my favorites so far. You probably are thinking why? Well, the reason why I love it is because this outfit is a combination of cute and sexy at the same time. I love stripes and hats and I'm always wearing something black. Like everybody says Black is the new Black and never gets old. Also, it's an example of an outfit that we use with this crazy Southern California weather. The sweater is from H&M, the skirt is from Forever 21, heels are from Fashion Q store, Purse is from Foreign Exchange and the hat is from Target.
I want to thank all of you for continuing reading my blog and for all your sweet comments that I never thought I would be receiving. I working very hard to give you the best fashion inspiration without spending too much.
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Hey sexy Ladies!

by Vicky Penaloza, 10:11 AM
Happy Friday everyone!!
Hope that you have an awesome Friday!!!!! I love Fridays because it's when I can relax from all the stress of the week. Here's a sexy outfit for all of you that like to go out and be fun and sexy. This black dress I go it from a fashion Q, the wedges are from Forever 21 and the floral cardigan is from Fashion Ave.
My fashion tip today is to always go to the small fashion stores and you are going to find a lot of cute items for less than the prices that you find in the malls. Hope that you like this outfit and don't forget to tag your sexy outfits to #fashionbyvicky in my instagram account.
I must confess that I used to dress sexy most of the time; however, now that I'm older I think that the sexiness is in our confidence more than the clothes we wear.....
Hope that you like this outfit and if you have any suggestions and/or questions don't hesitate to let me know...
Muah <3

by Vicky Penaloza, 9:47 PM
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Summer in January!!!!!!

by Vicky Penaloza, 10:44 PM
Hello my loves!
California weather is crazy, one day is cold and the next is warm and sunny. Fortunately, I'm always prepared for this crazy weather changes hehe.
On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to a beautiful park in Huntington Beach. It was a perfect moment to take some pictures of this outfit.
This dress I got it about 3 years back at Forever 21 and it's the 2nd time that I wear it since I didn't like it at first. However, I changed my mind hehe.The boots are from a Fashion Ave. I love the fashion stores because their prices are really affordable and they have really cute clothes.